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Challenges Faced

Evergrowth Partners Pte Ltd intends to make technological advancement to increase the efficiency of the company and to assist their clients. They wish to craft a brand new company website that can cater to the technological advancement

Work process is at the minimal in terms of digitalization as most of it is being done manually. With the work being done manually, making human errors are inevitable. This also results in the man-hours being heavy and time consuming.

The following processes are done manually:

– Administration
– Data Entry
– Client’s information and necessary data capture
– Scheduling of appointments, reminders and follow up with and for clients
– Manage payment, taxation and finance related matters
– Secretarial admistration work


The mobile application and web systems aids in the streamlining of the operations of the business and therefore, yielding maximum output from our existing resources.

Mobile Application

The app serves as a platform for the customers’ access to upload necessary information required by the business for the execution of the services. Reminders can be send out to the users to remind them about uploading the required information.

The app allows an increase in transparency of the project as all the data are all presented. It also allow the documents to be easily accessible by both the client and the business

There are a variety of tools that can be used by the customers to view the data. This includes Data Analytics and Data Projection tools.

System are also able to generate reports which customers are able to select from which date to which dates to track their finances. The app also present the statistics using infographics so data can be easily interpreted.

Web System

Web system are used by admin to primarily overlook the business operations. They are able to view all of the organizations through the web system.

Through the system, admins are able to send out forms to clients to request for e-signature and also send out reminders to them to obtain required information.

The use of the system to manage the important documents send by the client through cloud storage and template management system.

Stats feature of the web panel will provide data analytics and data projection


Quality Control

The chances of errors are reduced by five times as the systems takes control of managing and the filling in of the document. This improves the overall quality of the work being done as compared to doing it manually. This also eliminate the duplication of the work. The automated system ensure data entries are accurate. With this, the business is also able handle four times their current client.

Reduction of clients' dependency

Digitalization of the work process allows the clients to upload the necessary documents online without having the need of staffs of obtaining the physical documents from the clients. This also eliminates the needs of having physical meet up with the clients for documentations like signature as staff can request for E-signature for signing of documents. This increases the overall output by five times as the dependency on the availability the clients and physical documents are reduced significantly with the system.

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