Challenges Faced

Long Heng Air-Con Design Pte Ltd was established in 2005 with its principal activity as
general cleaning services (including cleaning of public areas, offices and factories)
except household cleaning. They specialise in air conditioning installation, maintenance and cleaning service in Singapore.

Wanting to be more reachable by prospective customers and would want to expand its
market share, Long Heng wanted to digitalize their operations, while streamlining the business model and improving the quality of services.

Currently, we identify the following challenges faced:

– A very competitive market which competition creates price war
– Having to work within fast turnaround
– Lack of real time financial projection

– Lack of Customer Lead Generation channel
-Lack of customer engagement
– Equipping staff with the knowledge to digitalize


An integrated Aircon Management System cum business operation application

Aircon Service Booking

The application, Long Heng Air-con, serves as a portal for clients to book appointment for air-con services.

From the customer app, they can chose from a list of defined service options, making appointment according to the available time of service. System will assign the most reasonable team to tasks based on proximity and technician’s Job scheduling. This will save both the customers and the companies’ time compared to call-in booking, as their our customer service needs to check on each team’s availability and distance of customers’ service or location manually.

Once the job order is successful, the system will pass it to the administrator for further processing, such as pre-allocating a technical team available and the closest distance to the service of location, and preparing the relevant materials and tools required for the service option in advance.

The technical team can use this system to view their schedule and the information related to the service order and make preparations in advance. As for customers, they will be able to view all their service orders from the app, so as to keep track of their air conditioning maintenance status and get notified when it’s about time for next service.

Business Operations

Business Operations are handled through the Web Portal. All the data from the application can be accessed through the Web Portal.

This would include an overview of appointment, assigning task to technician, update and tracking the progress of the tasks and receiving payments from the customers.

Through the Web Portal, the system would be able to automate the collation of data from the application and reports which include financial and operations monthly reports can be crafted from the data collated.


Faster Turnaround Rate

With the implementation of the system, 93% of the deployments were completed within an hour of the request. This is an improvement from the
usual few working days required in a traditional call request. Platform was also shown to be processing an average of 30 deployments per day.

Less Manpower Required

With the system, the need of manual work to be done is reduced by 2 times thus lowering the amount of manpower required for the business to run efficiently. Deployments are done through the system and management of business operations can be tracked and controlled on a single platform via Admin Web Panel.

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