Challenges Faced

Auto Insure Pte Ltd started out as an Automobile workshop since 2014, and now has steadily grown to include other Automobile services such as Repair & Maintenance, and Accident Claims Reporting. In order to capture a larger market share, they envision to have a presence online. Currently their online presence is only on Facebook and WhatsApp. Another challenged they faced is that current state of operations have a very manual approach in the following processes.

– Accident reporting
– Claims matters
– Collision repair
– Spray painting
– Servicing & maintenance

– Body Works
– Polish & Grooming
– Immediate Towing
– Automotive fleet management & services

To increase their operation efficiency, they want to have an integrated platform which data entry can be keyed directly into web portal.


An one-stop automobile service booking platform cum business operations application

Our solution was to implement a one-stop platform for automobile service booking and business operation tools to transform the way Auto Insure Pte Ltd delivers their service.

Automobile Service Booking

The application, AutoInsure, serves as a portal for clients to book services.

This module will enable the Customer to register their car/s, manage bookings, deposit advance credit points to be utilised during repair and/or to make payments. First, customers can download the app to make an appointment booking. They can book any of the available services such as Servicing Maintenance, Body Works and Polishing & Grooming. When the appointment date is near, the app will send a reminder to the customer. The Customer can also check the status of car repair along with the ability to facilitate online payments.

The app also allows customer to file Accident Report on-site before going over to the Reporting Centre. This allows information to be recorded with better accuracy while memories are fresh

Business Operations

Business Operations are handled through the Web Portal. All the data from the application can be accessed through the Web Portal.

This would include an overview of booking, identify and recording faulty vehicle parts to repair, status update, tracking of repair progress and receiving payments from the customers.

Through the Web Portal, the system would be able to automate the collation of data from the application and reports which include financial and operations monthly reports can be crafted from the data collated.


Automation of Booking

With the implementation of the system, customer no longer need to call to ask availability of services and appointments time slots. Technical Staff do not need to worry about distribution of information and requests. Admin can disseminate information of new services and latest updates via
online platforms. Overall, time taken to conduct business processes is significantly reduced by 3 times. With the system, the staffs are able to pick up the business processes quickly and efficiently.

Less Manpower Required

With the system, the need of manual work to be done is reduced by 2 times thus lowering the amount of manpower required for the business to run efficiently. Business operations are done automatically through the system and management of business operations can be tracked and controlled on a single platform via Admin Web Panel.

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