Challenges Faced

With more companies having an online presence instead of the traditional store fronts, FRUITSO-MANIA Pte Ltd wants to expand business at the digital aspect to drive sales and cope with the more tech-savvy corporates clients and individuals. Their current digital business is done through Facebook and “Whatsapp”. Though even with the use of digital platforms: Facebook and Whatsapp, business operations are still mostly done manually. The following processes are done manually:

– Stock count / Inventory
– Recording orders
– Customers database
– Creation of packages
– Sales reports generation

– Payment follow-ups
– Quality checks
– Delivery preparation
– Delivery routes


An integrated food ordering cum business operations application

Food Ordering

The application, DD Lunch, serves as a portal for clients to make preorders. The pre-orders are to supply for customers’ lunch orders.

We selected lunch period as this would also cater to our corporate clients along with the peak ordering time for our business. As an elaboration of our project idea, our customers (both corporate and individuals) would be assigned with unique user codes. Of which, we would be able to understand the customers profile better.

Following an order placed from the application, the orders would be notified to our admin for further processing i.e.,packing, payment recording etc.

Upon final packing, our courier team would be able to collate the orders where the system would generate the best delivery routes. This would reduce our fleet carbon print. The customers in turn, would be able to view from the application that their order is en route and receive notifications accordingly. All payments can be conducted electronically.

Business Operations

Business Operations are handled through the Web Portal. All the data from the application can be accessed through the Web Portal.

This would include an overview of orders, prepare and pack accordingly, updating the status, tracking the progress and receiving payments from the customers.

Through the Web Portal, the system would be able to automate the collation of data from the application and reports which include financial and operations monthly reports can be crafted from the data collated.


Automation of system

With the implementation of the system, time taken to conduct business processes is significantly reduced by 4 times. Manual work are now automated. It reduces the manual workload on the staff and they were able to focus on improving the quality of the services which ultimately raised the customer satisfaction. With the system, the staffs are able to pick up the business processes quickly and efficiently.

Less Manpower Required

With the system, the need of manual work to be done is reduced by 2 times thus lowering the amount of manpower required for the business to run efficiently. Business operations are done automatically through the system and management of business operations can be tracked and controlled on a single platform via Admin Web Panel.

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