Grease Monkey Barber Garage


Challenges Faced

Grease Monkey Barber Garage is planning for a digital implementation of their business with aims to enhance their overall customer experience and increase their productivity.

With this digital platform, they hope to be more efficient in the management of their employees and customer to ensure that their quality of their services are continually improving.

The business follows a manual approach towards their business operations.

The following processes are done manually:

– Customer database
– Assigning work to the individual barber
– Manpower management
– Inventory / stock management


An integrated haircut booking cum e-commerce application

Haircut Booking

The application serves as a platform for the customers to book for a haircut appointment. Customers are able to browse through all the different services being offered by the business. They are able to select the barbers they would like to be in charge of the services given. Using AR technology, they are able to test out the different hairstyles before committing to it.

Following the confirmation of the service booking, the work will be assigned to the barbers and their schedule would be updated to notify them of the booking. The barbers are able to check the work assigned to them through the use of the application.

After receiving the haircut, payment can be made digitally. Customers are able to leave a feedback of the service provided. They can upload videos and photographs of their haircut onto the application.


Users are able to browse a catalogue of hair grooming products sold by the business. Payment can be made through the application itself.


Efficient Scheduling and Time Management

There would be an increase in terms of work efficiency as with the app. employees’ work can be tracked remotely. Thus, the owner is able to focus on other work related operations as time taken to complete certain tasks has been significantly reduced with the app. Scheduling is no longer a hassle as customers are able to pre book a service with their preferred barber which reduces the need of assigning work to the individual barber.

Increased Revenue

With the implementation of e-commerce platform in the app, it brings in extra revenue from the sale of hair grooming products offered on the app. As the user use the app to book for services, they will look into the e-commerce page and some of them would purchase some of the products, thus increasing the revenue earn by the business.

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